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Sway Seaweed Packaging

Sway is a pioneering biomaterials company dedicated to replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives derived from seaweed. Recognizing the potential of their seaweed-based films, Sway enlisted Guacamole Airplane to design and prototype innovative packaging concepts. The objective was to create prototypes that showcased the capabilities of Sway’s films and served as proofs of concept for future collaborations and partnerships.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer 
Client: Sway
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


Embracing the spirit of innovation, Guacamole Airplane and the Sway team set out to explore the possibilities inherent in Sway’s seaweed films. These explorations led to a diverse array of prototype designs encompassing polybags, window displays, wraps, closures, and ties. This collaborative approach fostered a deep understanding of Sway’s materials, laying the foundation for future endeavors and partnerships.


The collaboration between Sway and Guacamole Airplane yielded results that showcased the versatility and potential of seaweed-based packaging. The prototypes developed not only served as tangible proofs of concept but also sparked excitement and anticipation for future applications. As Sway continues to revolutionize the packaging industry, this collaboration shows the power of creativity, collaboration, and sustainable innovation in shaping a more environmentally conscious future.

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