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Light Bulb Packaging Concept

Aiming to create a revolutionized packaging concept for light bulbs, I sought out to merge structural design with the interplay of light and form. With the vision to encapsulate the essence of light and shadow within the packaging itself, I worked towards creating an engaging experience for consumers that transcends traditional packaging norms.

Role: Structural Packaging Design
Class: Critical Brand and Packaging


Drawing inspiration from the art of origami, I delved into exploring various folding techniques to infuse a dynamic look into the packaging design. After some experimentation, I identified the accordion fold technique as the ideal mechanism to achieve the desired effect. Not only did these folds create captivating patterns of light and shadow, but they also served as a subtle nod to the concept of shades, resonating deeply with the essence of light bulbs.



The end result of this project was an innovative packaging concept that fused geometry with the elegant qualities of light. With its striking accordion folds and strategically placed windows, the packaging not only provided structural integrity but also doubled as an artful display piece. Tailored for artisanal handcrafted light bulb brands, this conceptual packaging design offered a glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship embodied within. In essence, the packaging transcended its utilitarian purpose, becoming a symbol of creativity and ingenuity in the realm of product presentation.

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