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Guacamole Airplane’s Holiday Gift

Guacamole Airplane, a sustainable packaging design studio known for their structural packaging solutions and sustainability consulting, wanted to express gratitude to their clients and followers with a memorable end-of-year holiday gift. Consisting of a physical copy of their supplier guide, a zine showcasing designer in residence, Mary Lempres’ work, and a sustainability beer pocket guide, the gift aimed to celebrate Guacamole Airplane’s achievements in 2022.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer
Client: Guacamole Airplane
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


We conceptualized a shipper box featuring a zipper closure and tiered nesting system to allow for a smooth unboxing experience that also securely held all components of the gift. By prioritizing functionality and aesthetics, we crafted a packaging design that was fully recyclable and offered recipients a delightful unboxing journey.


The implementation of our packaging allowed Guacamole Airplane to send out holiday gifts that left a lasting impression on recipients. By combining practicality with elegance, the mailer box provided an enjoyable unboxing experience, enhancing the overall value of the gift. Through this gesture of appreciation, Guacamole Airplane expressed gratitude to its supporters, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and innovative packaging solutions.

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