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Ribbon Stool Packaging

Laun, a high-end designer furniture company known for their timeless pieces, sought out to reimagine its packaging strategy to enhance the shipping and unboxing experience for customers. Tasked with this challenge, our objective was to develop a conceptual packaging system centered around Laun’s signature ribbon stool, emphasizing sustainability and ease of unpacking. Our goal was to create a packaging solution that focused on reducing waste and ensuring convenience

Role: Structural Packaging Designer
Client: Laun
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


In tackling this project, we worked on creating a packaging system that prioritized customer convenience and environmental responsibility. We delved into cardboard and paper-based solutions that could securely hold the ribbon stool in place while making unboxing seamless and easy. Flexibility was a key consideration as we needed to conceptualize a system that was adaptable to other furniture pieces, ensuring versatility across Laun’s product range. Our exploration extended to developing paper based cushioning methods and a wedging mechanism to safeguard the furniture during transit without resorting to plastic.


Our efforts resulted in a packaging solution that leveraged Xanita board—a robust and recyclable fiberboard. We crafted a crate-like box that could handle the weight of the furniture while still being recyclable. The telescoping design, held together by reusable ratchets, facilitated easy unboxing. Inside the crate, strategically placed cardboard wedges provided cushioning and stability during transport. This project yielded a convenient and eco-friendly packaging system that helped conceptualize future sustainable packaging explorations for furniture.

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