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Packaging for Dalcini Stainless

Dalcini Stainless is an award-winning brand known for its durable, chemical-free, and eco-friendly housewares. Dalcini needed packaging that aligned with the brand’s ethos. The primary goals were to create a packaging language that distinguished Dalcini’s products on retailer shelves, ensured structural consistency across product families, and reflected the brand’s core values of health, sustainability, and simplicity.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer 
Client: Dalcini Stainless
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


To meet Dalcini’s objectives, we explored creating an exciting opening experience and were inspired by old-school lunchboxes. We developed an OPF (One Piece Folder) inspired dieline that opened flat, allowing for an engaging unboxing experience. Drawing on minimalist graphics with a soothing blue background, that ensured Dalcini’s products stood out on the shelf while showcasing their functionality. Additionally, we incorporated a handle into the packaging design to enhance portability and convenience for customers. 

Sustainability was integrated into every aspect of the design, with the packaging being recyclable and using carbon negative algae ink. This ensured that the packaging aligned with Dalcini’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


The final packaging design for Dalcini Stainless Housewares delivered a visually striking, user-friendly, and eco-conscious solution. The OPF-inspired dieline offered an engaging opening experience. The addition of handles improved practicality, making it easier for customers to transport the products. The minimalist graphics and blue color made Dalcini’s products stand out on the shelf. We ensured structural consistency by creating a packaging strategy that could expand across product families. The redesigned packaging not only elevated Dalcini’s brand presence but also reinforced its commitment to quality, functionality, and environmental stewardship.

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