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Clé Tile Sample Kits

Clé is a renowned design house specializing in artisanal tiles, committed to pushing creative boundaries and preserving heritage craftsmanship. Seeking to engage customers effectively, Clé envisioned sample kits that not only showcased the handcrafted nature of their tiles but also educated potential buyers about their products. Additionally, Clé aimed to promote sustainability by designing reusable sample kits. Our task was to conceptualize and develop packaging solutions that balanced elegance, protection, and sustainability.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer 
Client: Clé
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


Our approach began with an in-depth analysis of Clé’s target market, focusing on luxury and sophistication. We explored various shapes and forms for the sample kits, ensuring they reflected Clé’s brand ethos. To address the dual objectives of aesthetics and protection, extensive drop testing and shipping simulations were conducted. As the project progressed, we tailored packaging solutions for different tile collections, devising customizable boards to securely hold the tiles.

A pivotal moment in the process was the development of a modular system, simplifying sample kit fulfillment. By standardizing the boards across collections, we optimized efficiency while maintaining flexibility. The final packaging design consisted of an outer box housing an inner sleeve for tile boards, providing ample protection during transit while offering customers an elegant unboxing experience.


The collaborative effort resulted in a refined sample kit packaging system that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality. Clé’s customers now receive sample kits that not only showcase the beauty of the tiles but also educate them about the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship. The reusable nature of the packaging aligns with Clé’s commitment to sustainability, fostering a positive brand image.

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