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Lettuce Grow Farmstand Packaging

Lettuce Grow, a sustainable food company, aimed to streamline the unboxing experience for their farmstand, extension kits, and accessories kits. With a mission to make healthy and sustainable harvests accessible to every home, Lettuce Grow sought a packaging solution that mirrored the simplicity and ease of their hydroponic growing system. By unifying the packaging system across their product range, Lettuce Grow aimed to enhance the user experience and promote a clean, inviting aesthetic.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer 
Client: Lettuce Grow 
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


In response to Lettuce Grow’s objectives, our team focused on creating a packaging system that facilitated a seamless unboxing experience while maintaining the integrity of each component. We meticulously labeled and organized each piece of the farmstand to create a clean and inviting look upon opening. By considering every step of the assembly process, we ensured that each component was placed strategically to facilitate easy and efficient assembly. Drawing inspiration from the silhouette of the farmstand, we developed a cohesive graphic language that could be applied across all kit boxes, enhancing the unified look and feel of Lettuce Grow’s packaging.


The implementation of our packaging system resulted in a thoughtful and sequential unboxing experience for Lettuce Grow users, simplifying the process of getting started with their hydroponic growing system. By nesting components in their own compartments, we minimized the risk of breakage and ensured the safety of nutrient kits during transit. The cohesive graphic language not only gave a clean and unified look across various kits but also reinforced Lettuce Grow’s commitment to simplicity and sustainability. In essence, the unified packaging system encapsulated Lettuce Grow’s mission of making healthy and sustainable harvests accessible to all, fostering a sense of ease and excitement among users.

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