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Everything Set Packaging

Everything Set, a technology company specializing in home cyber protection devices, needed packaging that reflected their commitment to sleek design and user-centric experience. Everything Set wanted us to focus on safeguarding their device during shipping and offering users a clean unboxing journey. As a tech-oriented company, they required a packaging solution that not only minimized waste but also conveyed a modern aesthetic.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer
Client: Everything Set
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


In response to Everything Set’s objectives, our approach centered on creating a modern and efficient packaging system. We devised a nesting system that organized each component, ensuring they remained secure and untangled during transit. By optimizing the packaging dimensions, we not only reduced shipping costs but also minimized waste, aligning with Everything Set’s cost and environmental goals. Our design prioritized simplicity and cleanliness, reflecting the brand’s commitment to user-friendly design.


The result of our efforts was a sleek and contemporary packaging design that accentuated the device while facilitating an effortless unboxing experience for users. By focusing on minimalism and functionality, we created an ecommerce package that had a clean aesthetic, and compact size. In essence, the new packaging solution successfully harmonized form and function, embodying Everything Set’s ethos of modernity and user-centric design.

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