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Sustainability Lounge

Informa, known for organizing events like WestPack, approached Guacamole Airplane to lead the creation of a sustainability lounge for WestPack 2024. With a focus on promoting innovative sustainable materials in the packaging industry, our goal was to design an interactive exhibition space that highlighted the latest advancements in sustainable packaging materials. The lounge was envisioned as a space where visitors could relax, engage, and learn about the exciting developments in sustainable materials.

Role: Structural Designer, Fabricator, Host
Client: Informa 
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


Drawing upon our expertise in sustainable design, we set out to construct the sustainability lounge using eco-friendly materials. Embracing creativity and sustainability, recycled cardboard and mycelium became the primary components for crafting furniture pieces and a striking photogenic arch. These materials added a visual appeal to our sustainability lounge.

To complement the immersive experience, we curated a selection of sustainable materials from emerging companies in the industry. Material samples invited visitors to interact and learn about their properties firsthand. The lounge was designed to be both inviting and informative, giving attendees a hands-on experience and insights into the future of sustainable packaging.


The sustainability lounge proved to be a resounding success, providing attendees with a refreshing break from the convention floor. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to engage with new sustainable materials, fostering dialogue and inspiration for future initiatives. By showcasing innovative companies and their contributions to sustainability, the lounge sparked enthusiasm and awareness among attendees. Overall, our sustainability lounge left a lasting impression, demonstrating the transformative potential of sustainable materials in the packaging industry.


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