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AndSons Two Pack Gift Packaging

AndSons, renowned for their high-end chocolates, sought to revamp their 2-pack chocolate gift boxes to enhance their corporate and event gifting program. The primary goals were to streamline the packaging process and reduce components, while maintaining the luxurious appeal synonymous with the AndSons brand. Our challenge was to design packaging that allowed for easy customization, simplified logistics, and showcased the brand’s identity.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer 
Client: AndSons
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


To achieve AndSons’ objectives, we focused on simplifying the packaging while offering customization options. Our explorations began by integrating a standard inner tray with a customizable wrap, allowing for personalized messaging and branding. Various shapes and opening techniques were examined to create a luxurious unboxing experience fitting of the brand’s reputation.

After some experimentation, we developed a solution consisting of a molded clamshell tray paired with a customizable wrap. This streamlined the components to just two pieces while retaining a premium finish. The molded clamshell showcased the chocolates’ silhouette, adding to the luxurious appeal, while digitally printed wraps facilitated easy customization for gifting.


The final design provided AndSons with a simplified, yet elegant packaging concept for their 2-pack chocolate gift boxes. The two-piece system, consisting of a molded clamshell tray and a customizable wrap, streamlined logistics and minimized costs. Moreover, the design allowed for easy customization, catering to the diverse needs of corporate and event gifting programs.

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