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Davines Ecommerce Packaging

Davines, a renowned high-end hair care brand rooted in Italy, sought to redefine its ecommerce packaging strategy, aligning with its core values of sustainability and innovation. With a commitment to beauty and environmental consciousness, Davines aimed to enhance the unboxing experience for its customers while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Role: Structural Packaging Designer
Client: Davines
Studio: Guacamole Airplane


In response to Davines’ objectives, we explored various packaging solutions that merged sustainability with functionality. Looking at two forms, a pillow pack and a more traditional auto-lock bottom box, we went into testing assembly and packing times as well as doing drop tests to determine which form provided protection while still being efficient in the fulfillment process. Through our test we decided to continue development of the auto-lock bottom box. 

By optimizing box sizes with the auto-lock bottom mechanism, we streamlined fulfillment processes, reducing assembly time and minimizing operational costs. Through our testing and iteration, we devised a packaging design that not only minimized waste but also offered a delightful unboxing experience, complete with charming illustrations that encapsulated Davines’ brand identity.


The culmination of our efforts resulted in a packaging solution that reduced assembly time, thus saving resources and money in fulfillment, and provided a canvas for captivating graphics that enhanced brand engagement. By introducing a flexible system capable of accommodating multiple SKUs and sizes, Davines gained a packaging solution that upheld their commitment to sustainability while delivering a memorable unboxing experience to customers worldwide.

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